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"I value the reassurance of knowing the footage of my daughters will be preserved for their enjoyment when they come of age. Long gone are the days when a misplaced VHS tape could bring a lifetime of remorse. Give JustCloud a shot — you’ll be happy you did."



"All in all, when you consider all the advantages Just Cloud has in exchange for paying a minimal amount, you begin to see past the price you have to pay and you see the value something like this has while in your hands"



"When compared to other services offering like or similar packages, these guys are competitive. The service and support is as good as, (if not better,) than larger providers like Carbonite and Storage pipe. Our experience with Just Cloud was excellent. From the first moment, to downloading the client, all the way to retrieving backed up files"



"Just Cloud is a worthy option to take into consideration for cloud storage services. They deliver efficient and secure results and with reasonable and competitive pricing. We are even discussing installing this service within our office as it really does offer everything and a little bit more.”"



"Just Clouds additional benefits outweigh almost every other company on the market today, ranging from allowing the backup of large files, extensive file versioning, as well as mobile and standard access anywhere in the world. For a product that is driven toward the cloud market, it is very rare to come across a service offering sync options on top of great backup, but Just cloud certainly ticks these boxes as well"



"JustCloud just updated to Amazon servers which are known to be blazingly fast. I noticed that immediately when I started to upload my test folder of 1 GB in size. It got pushed in less than 35 minutes. Record speed for online backups."