Online storage users have recently been worrying about whether it is necessary to run a security program alongside an online storage program with growing fears of online security. This has lead to many only storage vendors improving the security aspects of their products and introducing more features altogether. For example, we have seen more file encryption offered by online storage vendors, even as high-grade as 446-bit Blowfish encryption which rivals that of the US government, and this encryption is employed during both file transfer and file storage. Also, we are seeing features such as redundant hardware in the data center of the online storage vendor. This means that if any of their storage hardware fails, a redundant replacement will step in so there is no down-time or no file loss. The chances of a data centers failing is very very low but the new security features only make the process even more safe, and there is another safety measure that online storage vendors have taken. This is mirrored data centers, which basically means that there are two data centers, both with exactly the same data held but in two locations, so if one fails then the other will be there to recover files.

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