Online storage vendors worldwide are tailoring their services to the needs of SMBs in an attempt to get more businesses involved in the online storage hype. Before, businesses were worried about the lack of features and also lack of security with online storage systems, but both of these aspects, especially the prior, have been massively improved to appeal more to small and medium businesses. Firstly there are project management integration tools which users can utilize as well as remote access options for users to log onto the system from any location. This increases the options for teleworkers and means that business productivity can continue outside the office which will appeal to businesses everywhere. Security measures have also increased massively, starting with file encryption. Online storage vendors now commonly use 256-bit SSL encryption during both file transfer and also file storage which is the same grade as the government use to protect their data. Also. there is redundant hardware technology employed in most online storage data centers so if the data center fails, it will automatically recover to ensure no downtime or file loss. In conclusion, online storage is a much safer system these days and every SMB could benefit if they just took the chance.

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