Online storage is all about backing up files, hopefully everyone knows that much, however only some online storage vendors will offer a service whereby you can back up any file of any size. This means that some other online storage vendors will cap the file limit, and some vendors even cap it at a limit of 1 GB or a similarly small size. This isn't going to be helpful to most online storage users as a lot of people like to download movies, discographies and other large files which tend to be larger than 1 GB and therefore an online storage system which caps the file size will be useless. It is not only films and large music files which wouldn't be included in a file capped online storage system, large business documents or presentations could also be missed out which could prove vital to any corporate online storage user. Therefore before you sign up for any online storage service you should make sure that checking if the vendor offers unlimited file size backup is high up the checklist, there aren't too many other important points to check. The other key aspect of online storage is an unlimited backup limit, however if this is present and the file size cap is also present, the two could cancel each other out.

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