People use our cloud storage system for a whole variety of reasons. Of course, everyone utilizes it primarily as a way of backing up their important files in case of a disaster, but in terms of what files they access on a regular basis they are all different. For example, some people prefer to use their account for business reasons, recovering and collaborating on reports and spreadsheets, while others may use theirs for personal reasons to stream videos and listen to music through their smartphones.

One common function that the majority of users take advantage of is the ability to access and recover their backed up photo albums, which may be of family, friends, holidays and events. Whether it’s for nostalgic reasons or just to put a quick smile on their faces, photos are a great way of finding amusement and keeping great memories alive forever.

And with our cloud storage software, this could not be any easier. Not only can you backup an 1TB amount of photos (or any other type of data) due to our 1TB Computer Backup, you can access them at the click of a button through our website, your desktop control panel, Sync Folder or mobile apps which have been created for smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

We believe it’s not only important to keep memories alive, but also to have access to them at any time, wherever you are. This is simple and effective cloud storage—the JustCloud way.

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