As one of the leading providers of online storage, we are very proud to have offered our services to so many users throughout the world. As always, we are never happy with our system...because we are always looking for ways to offer MORE! This is great for our customers as it means their service will always be improving, developing, and becoming a more enjoyable service to use.

And so in true tradition to this, we are very proud to offer our online storage customers our new JustCloud smartphone application! It can be easily found in the Google Play Store right now.

Just as with our other online storage software for the PC and Mac, you can expect to find a simple yet highly effective application that will take care of not just your data security and access needs, but a whole lot more.

Here’s a load of cool things you can do with it:

- Keep your data highly secure with pass code locking

- Browse and view your stored music, documents, photos, and videos

- Instantly backup your photos to the SyncFolder as you take them

- Share photos with Facebook, Twitter and Email

- Easily backup your files to the SyncFolder

- Listen to music files

- Create voice memos

- Draw doodles and publish them on Facebook and Twitter

- Make notes and email them to peers and family

- and a whole lot more

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