A new step in social networking is soon to be released.

The new application that is applied to Facebook and Twitter called "Kred" will soon be released, and this gives users a chance to see what their influence on the social networks have on other people.

The application will give you a score and a level that your social account is currently up to, so users will gain points for friends and followers that they have on the site as well as if they have any mentions or retweets from other people.

To gain the highest score, which will be 1,000 points, you must have a lot of followers, have had a lot of re tweets and mentions from other users, earning more points for any mentions from somebody who has a high Kred score so from celebrities who will already been on very high scores.

A spokesperson for the application says "Our job with Kred is to show you where you have influence."

Kred will also give you points and level increase considering any real-world accomplishments that you have received, so grades, awards, honors and certificates. Users will be given the chance to send Kred a PDF file proving your offline achievement.

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