Here at JustCloud we’re calling out to all students who use computers to produce the work for their studies—and let’s be honest, that’s quite a number of you, isn’t it?! In fact, every year millions of people become students of colleges and universities, not just in the US, but all over the world. In the US alone, 95% of university students have access to a personal computer or mobile device such as a notebook. And if this isn’t a statement of how integral computers have become to aid in the creation of coursework and projects, then nothing will. They’re not just used to create work either, they’re also employed to help students keep up to date with scheduled events such as classes, deadlines, and social activities.

When it comes to protecting all of this important data, how should students go about doing this exactly, though? Flash drives? Compact discs? Well, you could do, couldn’t you? There are just a few problems with them, though, in that they can be lost, stolen, damaged, and die unexpectedly. In short, they’re extremely limited when it comes to security, longevity, and mobility (since you have to remember to take them everywhere with you!)

We suggest a much more elite level of protection called cloud storage which has many more plusses to its system—and also none of the cons which traditional methods of backup carry with them.

Check out a few aspects of cloud storage that separate it from yesteryear’s technology:

You’ll Never Have to Lose Your Data Again!

Statistics continually remind us that approximately one in ten users of computers will lose their data every year, with theft, hard drive corruption, and accidental damage being some of the likely causes. Not only does this bring to the forefront how integral cloud storage really is, it also means that without it, around ten percent of every class will suffer a data disaster annually. But how can cloud storage help? It’s simple—when your files are backed up, they are stored at an offsite location in a highly secure data center. Once stored, they can be recovered at any time, from any linked stationary or mobile device, and from any location whether it’s from campus, your parent’s place—or even in a completely different country.

Group Data Sharing Just Became Effortless!

Until the arrival of cloud storage, students—and the rest of us!—had to rely on sharing our data through tedious and long winded methods such as writing and sharing CD’s, sending many email attachments, and lending out flash drives. Besides the obvious flaws in these methods, the most unattractive aspect of them all is that they simply take too much time. Cloud storage, however, allows you to send and receive group data far more easily. Whether you want to share small files such as word-processed documents or large files such as those created by image design software, they can be sent quickly—without any fuss whatsoever!

Present with No Limits

Whether you’re a fan of making presentations or not, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll have to perform one or more throughout your studies. On presentation day, students used to bring in portable storage devices which would contain the necessary data, the most popular being thumb-sized flash sticks. However, these devices have a habit of being accidentally left inside campus computers and becoming lost and hard to find due to their tiny size. The great thing about cloud storage is that it can be reached remotely, granting file access instantly through a web browser. By relying on cloud storage for presentations, you won’t ever have to realise half way through your speech that you forgot to copy across a vital file to your flash stick. You could even use your smartphone or a tablet to access your data during your presentation for ultimate convenience, thanks to cloud storage mobile apps.

There are many other benefits of cloud storage also. To become acquainted with them better, why not check them out in our free software when you get a chance?

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