In true tradition, JustCloud has released yet another brand new online storage feature which we hope will be warmly welcomed by our many existing and new customers alike.

Of course, we already offer a whole range of online storage features which have pleased our users across the board, including great tools that enhance our highly acclaimed foundations of backup and restore such as File Sharing, File Versioning, File Sync, and Automated Backups.

Our newest feature is Drag & Drop Browser Syncing.

Now, you may already be thinking: But you already offer file syncing…?!

Yes, this is true—but there’s something slightly different about this new feature’s syncing abilities which may just make a big difference!

It used to be that in order to sync files from a device, you had to firstly have our app installed onto it. But, we realized that this is not always convenient. For instance, imagine you’re at your friend’s house on their PC and want to sync a bunch of photos quickly before you head out. You’ve got less than a minute before you leave and don’t really have enough time to install our app.

No problem! Because now, with our new syncing app, all you have to do is log into your account through a browser and drag and drop single files or upload a whole bunch of files. This means syncing between your devices couldn’t be any easier!

If you’re an existing customer or fancy giving our free trial version a go, why not play around with our new online storage feature today?

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