This is it, folks. With the trash talking over, the highly anticipated showdown between rivals the External Hard Drive and Cloud Storage is moments away. It’s now time for their fists to do the talking.

In the build-up to the fight, the External Hard Drive seized every opportunity imaginable to discredit his foe. The media frenzy is still dominating the tech pages of newspapers worldwide, with public opinion over the bout’s victor remaining split down the middle.



“Look at my record,” the External Hard Drive repeated once more at Friday’s final press conference. “I’ve been in with the best – the Floppy Drive, Flash Drive, Compact Disc, Digital Versatile Disc – and I took em’ all out.” Pointing to Cloud Storage, he then further dismissed his foe’s unbeaten record. “Sure he beat them all. But they were already washed up. After I’d exposed them, they weren’t the same devices. Yeah, he’s young. Yeah, he’s fresh. But you’ve got to remember I was king of storage long before he arrived. I have files backed up that are older than he is! His heart will sync when he sees what I have stored up for him, and I predict an early drag and drop to the canvas.”


Cloud Storage then took to the dais, a calm yet confident look on his face. “He is a great champion,” he said. “I respect him. No one can argue with his record. It speaks for itself. He paved the way for storage services like me, and you have to respect that. The world owes a lot to him. And he’s a hall of famer, for sure. He has backed up a lot of data over the years, but I’m not sure he will be able to backup his words come fight night. His features haven’t changed much, and his programmer hasn’t developed his mobility and defense in a long time. We’ll soon find out what he has in his storage tank. I’m ready for whatever he brings.”

Tale of the Tape


CS: Virtual

EHD: Physical



CS: Secure Socket Layer 256 bit (Bank Grade) Encryption, 24/7 monitored Data Centers, 99.999999% Durability Rates, regular Data Mirroring protocols implemented

EHD: Physical hard casing



CS: No storage device necessary, files can be accessed 24/7 from any location in the world through a range of devices including Desktop Computers such as Windows, Mac and Linux, and Smartphones, Tablets and Notebooks

EHD: Device must be connected through a flash drive port and carried physically from location to location



CS: Ultimate 1TB Computer Backup

EHD: Average of 1-2 terabytes



CS: Drag & Drop, 100% Automated Scheduled Backups, File Sharing, File Versioning, File Sync, 24/7 Technical Support (Home, Business and Reseller Plans available)

EHD: Convenient Drag & Drop capabilities



CS: Uncapped upload/download speeds

EHD: Fast Device-to-PC transfer



CS: Weightless, files are stored within offsite Data Centers; as data is stored in this manner, it means there is no storage device to be lost, stolen, damaged, or at risk of hard drive failure and virus infection

EHD: approx. 250g



Cloud Technology: Earliest forms in 1960s, commercial boom in 2007

Ext. HDD Technology: Earliest forms in 1950s, commercial boom in late 1990s



The External Hard Drive fought bravely till the final bell, and though showing it possessed some good abilities, was ultimately outclassed by the versatility and innovation of Cloud Storage. The humbled veteran showed his class by congratulating his file storage rival on the victory. “He was very mobile,” the External Hard Drive said. “Too mobile, in fact. The world is moving forwards into a wirelessly connected era where data can be accessed instantly via many platforms; I just couldn’t keep up. I also took a lot of damage due to limited defense. This kid’s the future.”



Cloud Storage expressed his admiration and praise for his battle-worn opponent. “He fought great. He kept coming forward, and this guy will be remembered forever for his contributions to file storage. He’s a champion and I wish him all the best. I have proved myself tonight, and look forward to providing the greatest cloud storage solutions possible to the world, for both commercial and business users.”

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