Our iPad cloud storage application, that becomes even more resourceful when linked to a Windows/Mac PC account, is a great way of securing and viewing all of your personal and business-related files, if you’re at home or on vacation, away for business, or anyplace else on the globe.

You might already be acquainted with carrying out camera roll backup and photo/video syncing from reading our previous guides (if you’re scratching your head, you can always take a look back through our news articles).

What about carrying out a PC backup remotely from your iPad cloud storage application, though? And also checking essential settings of your account? Do you know about those features?

If not, here’s how to quickly become familiar with them:

Initiating a PC Backup Remotely from Your iPad Device:

- Open your cloud storage application and login with your email address and password

- Press Home, and then select one of your linked computer devices

- From the Overview screen, in the bottom right hand corner, press the yellow button that reads Start Backup



Seeing an Account Overview of iPad & Linked Cloud Storage Devices:

Single Device Overview:

- Ensure your application is open and you’re logged in

- Press Home and choose a device (your iPad, for example)

- The Overview screen now presents Backed Up Files, Space Used, No. of Files, No. of Photos, and Last Backup

- Underneath the heading Recently Added/Updated Files, you can see files that were backed up within the past few hours

- From the bottom of the screen, you can see whether the Enable Photo Backup and Only Backup Over WiFi toggles are turned on/off

- Lastly, you can quickly see the Backup Status and view your iPad’s Backed Up Files by pressing Home

Account Settings:

- Press Home and then Settings

- Displayed now are Account, Settings and Support information (plus a Logout option), which detail the following:



- Settings:

- Upload Quality…the upload quality of photos/videos (Low, Medium, High or Original can be set)

- Passcode Lock…you can enable/disable this feature which can offer increased security

- Clear Data…the amount of cache data (it can be cleared at any time)

- Facebook Settings…your settings can be changed

- Account:

- Email…the current email address associated with your account

- Backup Space…displays how much cloud storage backup space utilized

- Sync Space…displays how much sync space utilized

- Support:

- JustCloud Support…if needed you can find helpful support

- App Version…the cloud storage application version currently installed on your iPad

These two elements of this cloud storage application could be particularly valuable, since it’s always fitting to have account settings at the ready, as is the ability to commence a PC backup remotely when you find yourself away from your Mac/PC.

Remember to pop back soon for our final iPad cloud storage guide.

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