Cloud storage is a vitally important means of storing, securing and accessing all of your data, whether it’s personal music, photos, videos or documents from your home computer.

But what if you’re after something more? What if you’re looking past home usage and into the office environment?

No problem! Many cloud storage providers cater only to the home user market, but here at JustCloud we do things a little differently. We realize that big data protection and management is paramount when it comes to your business, so of course, we developed our own Cloud Storage Business Plans.

But what makes our Business Plans so essential to your data protection and continuity?

Well, a lot of things! For starters, what could be easier than having your company’s countless files all in one central place where they’re accessible at any time, no matter where you or your team are? They’re not just accessible from office PCs either, but from out-of-office devices such as notebooks, smartphones and tablets too—perfect for business trips and those who like to work from home.

But all this accessibility doesn’t have to mean losing control. No. Up to an unlimited number of employees, no matter the size of your company, can have access to their very own control panel where they can manage their own file management. However, as an administrator, control remains in your hands; you can monitor their backups and activities, set and alter their storage capacity limits at the click of a button, and crucially, specify which individuals or groups have access to certain files. For example, you may wish to restrict all access to sensitive financial information, bar yourself and your accountancy team.

Of course, then there’s the ability to set file backup automation, meaning company files can be backed up on the hour, every hour. Another can’t-do-without feature is file sharing and collaboration, which allows employees to send small or large files within the company or to external sources in seconds—perfect for when decisions and deadlines can’t wait!

And this is just the beginning of how our Business Cloud Storage Plans can optimize file management efficiency to the max within your company.

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