Yes, we have another shiny brand new feature which has just been released and is available to all of the current and new users of our cloud storage service.

With our new app, you can perform all of the regular functions of your computer’s app and more—except through your iPhone! Pretty cool, right?

Here are some of the super-useful cloud storage tools and features you could soon be enjoying:

- Have your photos instantly backed up as soon as they’re taken, and share them through Facebook, Twitter or email effortlessly

- Protect your files with password lock

- Browse and open any of your cloud’s data

- Create voice memos and draw doodles and upload them to Twitter or Facebook

- Make notes and email them to family or work peers

- and a lot more...!

If you’d like to give our new app a go to see what it can do for you, it can be found now in the Apple iTunes Store. If you’re going to be using your iPhone as a linked device to your account, remember to click the ‘Add Device’ link in your cloud storage control panel.

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