Who says cloud storage has to be only through notebooks and stationary desktop computers?

Certainly not JustCloud...!

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the arrival of our new cloud storage iPad app. With it, you can manage your digital life wherever you please, whether it’s sitting in your favourite cafe, away on a family vacation, or on an all important business trip. After all, why have limits when it comes to data access?

Here’s what’s on offer with our new app:

- Create and upload photos and videos

- Create and uploads notes, doodles and voice recordings

- Browse and download files

- View documents, photos and videos

- Share files and photos via email, Facebook and Twitter

- Print documents and photos

- Use a passcode to protect your app access

- View the status of your other devices

- and much more...

This function-crammed cloud storage app is available now from the iTunes Store. So why not give it a go?—file access and backup is so much more convenient when it’s mobile!

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