If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of a new Windows online storage desktop app, you’ll be happy to know the wait is over!

Version is now live—thanks to the hard work from our developers—and available to every one of our customers, whether they’re new to our online storage services or have been with us for a while.



Enhancements in way of app speed, responsiveness and overall performance are all set to impress, delivering our most efficient and intuitive service yet. Management of backups, storage, recovery, and the functions of our roster of acclaimed features just got even better!

But what would an update be without the addition of a few new features? ‘Resumable Uploads’ is one of the newbie tools we’re sure our online storage users will find particularly useful. The function of this feature is exactly what its name suggests.

Imagine you’re backing up a large file, let’s say 1 gigabyte, and you get to the mid-stage of the upload and then, to your horror, your internet connection fails. Now, previous to the release of our update, you would have to restart the entire process of backing up the file once your connection was reinstated. But, thanks to the all-new Resumable Uploads feature, this problem has been obliterated; as soon as you reconnect, the app will remember you had uploaded half the file, and will subsequently continue to only upload the second half.

Clever stuff, right? And mightily handy for saving time, too!

To get going with our new online storage desktop app, you won’t have to do a single thing. If you’re a new customer, you’ll automatically download and install our new software. And if you’re an existing customer, your app will be automatically updated shortly.

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