The Library of Alexandria, which was originally built in the third century BCE, is well known for containing a massive amount of works in the form of information. In fact, those works were nothing short of a wealth of knowledge. The site facilitated thousands upon thousands of scrolls which contained groundbreaking findings in the areas of literature, mathematics and history, making the site one of the most comprehensive places to store information in one given place.

However, as great as the library’s intentions were, a huge disaster headed its way before long, resulting in the building almost being completely destroyed by a devastating fire. It’s not quite known how the blaze started, but one thing that historians can all agree on is that the knowledge which was lost in the flames would have likely had a profound impact on the world had it survived.

So what’s this got to do with online storage?

Well, quite a fair bit really! You see, if they’d made backups (duplicate scrolls) and stored them offsite in case of a disaster, they could have secured those sources of invaluable information and in turn would have been able to share it with future generations to come.

But that’s in the past now, isn’t it? So let’s fast forward to the twenty-first century and concentrate on you, someone who relies on their computer to store data. You may not be housing ground breaking philosophies and scientific reports exactly, but you’d still probably be upset if you were lose it all due to hard drive failure, damage, virus infection—or (heaven forbid!) a fire, wouldn’t you?

The answer?—online storage.

With online storage you can backup, relax, and then recover your data when your computer kicks the bucket. So don’t wait…get it before your library of knowledge burns down!

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