At the moment, the words of ‘online storage’ are on the tip of everyone’s tongue. They’re words that are resonating, and quickly becoming a household name.

And it would seem rightly so, for after all, they represent the dawn of new revolution in backup!

The very words of ‘online storage’ mean a lot. They mean no more carrying around multiple storage devices such as CD’s, flash drives and DVD’s—and no more losing them! They mean no more having to remember to backup files (due to automated backups). They mean no more having to worry about storage space. They mean—

But wait a second. There are still people out there who don’t know a great deal about online storage. So let’s backtrack and explore just what online storage means.

What is online storage?

Put simply, it’s a data center where all of your important files are backed up to, such as music, videos and images. And what’s a data center...? This is a place filled with highly secure servers (humungous hard drives solely designed for storing trillions of files).

How do users access their data?

Easily. They can do this through their online storage supplier’s website. They will have the choice of recovering all of their data, a handful of large folders, such as music albums, or even one single file. Managing your files is extremely easy. Think of your online storage like your hard drive—except one which cannot become infected with viruses or be lost, stolen, or damaged, and is protected with government grade security!

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