Music Piracy is finally on a decline, by at least 3% since last year.

A Swedish polling company have recently released their results to a study conducted regarding the illegal downloads of music. It would seem since websites like 'Spotify' were released which enable online streaming of any music you can think of, people are more willing to pay a mere $9.99 per month for that service with 1TB streaming, then to root around torrent websites to find a song that they would like.

Although not all streaming services are free, it would seem that people are more willing to pay a small fee each month to listen to 1TB music when and from which device they would like, it saves the aggro of having to download a file root around on your computer for it and transfer it to the device that you want to listen to it on.

Although we will never probably see the day where illegal downloads stop completely, it has been confirmed that it is now on a rapid decline.

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