Another app has just landed this week from JustCloud!

It’s often the case that they’re aimed at our many customers, providing them with extra services such as mobile cloud storage from a plethora of devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android.

However, this app is one for our cloud storage affiliates! And they’ll certainly be pleased about this news when they come to discover the can’t-do-without features that make keeping up to date with sales statistics on the move a doddle. Once the app is downloaded from the iTunes Store and is installed onto your iPhone or iPad, your control panel can be accessed right away by simply signing in.

You’ll then be able to view:

- an overview of your daily stats, tracking clicks turning into sales or leads

- all transactions and how much you’ve earned

- all records of previous affiliate pay checks

- your reserve and refunds

- and a whole lot more!

Want to know more about our new affiliate cloud storage app? Then just head on over to the iTunes Store now. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about our affiliate cloud storage programs or our acclaimed home or business packages, stick around a while longer to find everything you need to know from our website.

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