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Cloud For Business

Cloud storage is a must for dynamic businesses. Whether you are a small team of 6 or a corporation of 600 cloud storage can help lower IT overheads and make your employees time more effectively used.

Cloud storage providers are aware that businesses grow, which is why there are sliding scales of storage available. With an easy to install interface and no intrusive hardware or training needed to be given, cloud storage is both easy to implement and cheap to run.

Cloud for business

Using cloud storage is more than just a means of backup:

  • By using cloud storage to house your files you can share business documents with all your staff without having to email them out. Saving both time and effort.
  • You can work collaboratively with employees by encouraging them to make additions to files even when out of the office.
  • Employees can access files stored in the cloud from any internet ready device at anytime. This will enable employees to take advantage of travel time, rather than count them as lost hours.
  • Employers can password protect access to their most important folders to ensure they aren't at risk of malicious employees looking to cause harm. Whilst we don't ever like to think that those we employ could turn on us it does happen and businesses need to prepare for these possibilities.
  • Automated backup means that business owners no longer have to rely on employees to backup their files. Automated backup can be scheduled to backup your files up as frequently as you require.
  • Employees with access to the cloud can make their office anywhere they have internet access. This ability can make for a much more dynamic and versatile workforce. It can also help to lower overheads for small companies. Your own office is unnecessary when you can make anywhere with internet your office.

The security of your files is paramount when running a business of any size. Cloud storage can not only ensure the safety of your files but also make your team much more versatile and dynamic.