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Cloud For Consumers

Cloud for consumers

As our lives get ever more digital it becomes more and more important that we protect the things we consume digitally. Cloud storage is great for backing up your files and photographs, but have you ever thought about your eBooks? Your digital magazines or your downloaded films? Cloud storage can protect them too!

As well as keeping your files safe from theft or loss, storing your digital life in the cloud can make accessing your files and sharing them with other so much easier.

Films: Bored on long journeys or need something to entertain the kids with while sat waiting for something? The cloud can help. By storing film files in your cloud you can access them, anytime, anywhere via any internet ready device.

eBooks: Much like PCs and Laptops there is nothing to say your kindle or eBook reader won't fail, be stolen or get lost. Backing up your eBooks to your cloud will keep them safe from ever truly being gone if the worst were to happen. Cloud storage can ensure you will always know what happens at the end.

Magazines: Are your environmentally conscious? Or hate carrying the extra weight of your favourite magazine when you travel? Well cloud storage can solve this. By purchasing digital versions of your favourite magazine you not only save a tree or two but you also no longer need to carry weighty magazines around with you. They, much like your films and pictures, can be accessed anytime, anywhere via your laptop or tablet PC. Cloud storage makes time pass faster when traveling from A to B.

Share In Real Time: Cloud storage enables people who are members of the same cloud to share files in real time. This is perfect for example if you are trying to buy a house, a car or a gift for a friend and your partner or spouse can't make it. By taking the snaps on your mobile phone you can upload them to the cloud and your partner will have access from wherever he/she is instantly. Unlike texting or tweeting them an image at a time, they will have access to them all in one go.

Cloud storage fulfills an assortment of consumer needs by both keeping digital items safe but also by allowing you to share files with members of your cloud and friends and family with ease. This is perfect for wedding lists, wish lists, Christmas, holidays and anything else which involves collaboration and resolution.