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Cloud For Families

Family cloud storage is fantastic for making sure that not only are everyone's documents safe but also that you can keep in touch with ease.

Households no longer have one shared PC, instead you have a PC, 2 work laptops, a tablet and an assortment of mobile phones. Automated backup can ensure that all these devices backup to the same cloud with no manual effort required. Ensuring the safety of all your files and folders is imperative in the 21st century. Accidents happen, theft occurs and loss of devices or files is an eventuality, but the severity of the outcome can be limited thanks to cloud storage.

Everything which is backed up can be restored.

Cloud for families

Sharing Files: Families can take advantage of the ease at which you can share files using cloud storage to keep in touch with children who are away at college or family members who live out of state or abroad. Rather than having to email multiple files individually or in groups to family members, which is both time consuming for the sender and the receiver, you can send them one email with a URL on it. This will give them full access to all the files you want them to see.

Cloud storage is the easiest way for student away at college to keep in touch with their parents or for families to send pictures of their holiday to grandparents. Videos, documents and photographs can all be accessed in the same way.

Storage: Collaboration is much easier when families store their documentation in a cloud. Let's say you were planning a holiday or making your Christmas lists. Individual family members can all upload their suggestions to the cloud to make decision making more of a collaborative effort. Cloud storage is great because you can upload photos and videos, reviews and details for everyone to see. Cloud storage also comes in useful when on a family holiday too. All photos can be uploaded immediately meaning SD cards can be freed up to be used again and all important travel documents can also be stored securely just in case paper versions are lost or damaged in transit.

Keeping the kids happy: Digital devices are great at keeping kids entertained on long journeys or while waiting in a queue. By storing an assortment of films and videos in the cloud you can access them anytime, anywhere via any internet ready device. Tablets with access to your cloud storage provider are a prime example of this. Through your cloud you can choose a film to play out to keep your children happy whilst on a long car journey. It will make for a more peaceful journey all round.

Cloud Storage is perfect for the whole family.