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Cloud For Managers

Project Managers, Team Leaders, Head of Departments Cloud storage is more than just a safe way to backup your home PC. Businesses globally are using it to make their workforces more dynamic and their use of working hours more effective.

Whether you work in construction, finance, the media or teaching, cloud storage can help.

Share & Share A Like Cloud storage can be made accessible to more than one user via an online application. This enables your team to access and engage with work collectively without having to exchange multiple emails or by printing endless sheets of paper.

  • Read Only versions can be devised so as team members can access but not alter files.
  • By using a shared cloud, team members can see the impact of their efforts. It will help teams to become more self-regulating and will weed out any weak links.
  • Additional documents created by individual team members can be easily uploaded to the cloud and made available to all. This helps teams to develop and reach their goals easier and on time.
  • File versioning can avoid the risk of loss or accidental deletion. As files are amended and changed, rather than directly replace, cloud storage saves versions of each document. This means previous incarnations can be returned too if a sudden change of focus or direction occurs.
Cloud storage for managers

Benefits: Whilst the list above maybe considered benefits, the below are more practical benefits to using cloud storage.

  • Instant access - Accessibility via any internet ready device means you can access files instantaneously from wherever you are in t he world at any time.
  • Automatic Backup - With multiple people working on multiple files for the same project you have to rely on people being responsible for their own backup. Using cloud storage takes the risk of them forgetting by offering automated backup. It does it for you!
  • Archiving for later use - The cloud is infinite which means you can store all the data relating to a project from inception to fruition within it and use it for reference later. This feature can also aid in project reviews.

As you can see regardless of what sort or what size of team you run, cloud storage makes it a more secure and infinitely easier way to communicate and achieve your goals.