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Cloud storage for photos

Photos and Photographers There is no question that cloud storage is becoming as important to photography as mega pixels and lens types. Cloud Storage is the most efficient and cost effective way to ensure the security of your photographs, whether you are a professional or an amateur.

Seeing, Safety, Sharing Seeing, safety and sharing are the 3 S's of Cloud Storage when it comes to photography. Here's why they are so important.

Seeing By uploading your photos into a cloud you allow yourself access to them from anywhere. Using a mobile phone or tablet PC you can access your entire photo library in a few simple clicks. Perfect for people traveling to visit family or friends as well as professional photographers looking to show clients their back catalogue.

Safety Photographs saved solely on your PC are not safe. Computers crash, hard drives fail, Laptops get stolen and human error is inevitable. Storing your photographs in a cloud however can alleviate all your photos from being at risk.

Online cloud storage keeps copies of your files safely encrypted on servers in a remote location. This not only protects them from computer viruses but also against natural disaster and theft which could occur if you stored your files on an external hard drive.

Cloud Storage also protects your photographs against human error. Automatic backup means that, on a schedule of your choosing, you can rest assured that your photos are being stored to the cloud. This means if you delete a folder or edit and override a photo you are working on it doesn't equal disaster.

File versioning is a feature of cloud storage which means that if you were to be working on a photograph but save, backup and then change your mind, it wouldn't be an issue. Multiple versions of the same file will be saved as part of file versioning meaning no matter what you do to your file, the original can always be accessed.

Sharing Gone are the days of emailing individual photographs to friends or family members so they can see what you have been up to. Cloud Storage has replaced this tiresome act with being able to share the images saved in your cloud by emailing a single URL to those you are allowing access. This means friends and relatives can view whole folders of photographs in just a few simple clicks.

Again whether an amateur or professional photographer, you can share photographs with an extended group by using cloud storage. Other member of your group can add files to the cloud too, resulting a collaborative collection of images.