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Cloud For Schools & Colleges

Cloud for schools & colleges

Cloud storage can benefit both students and teachers alike.

Cloud Benefits For Students:

  • Cloud Storage keeps your files safe. Computers helped make 'Miss, my dog ate my homework' an excuse of the past and now cloud storage can do the same for 'But Miss, my computer crashed.' Cloud storage can protect your files from hard drive failure, accidental deletion and theft.
  • Books run out of pages and USB sticks run out of space. Cloud storage is infinite, which means you can do as much work as you need without ever having to consider how much room you have to store it.
  • Lighten the load. Files stored in the cloud can be accessed via any internet ready device which means in order to do your presentation or share work with your friends you don't have to drag your laptop and external hard drive to school or college. Instead you can access everything you need via an internet ready devise.

It is true that cloud storage limits the excuses you have for not completing your homework or forgetting your work, but education is important and cloud storage lightens the load and makes things more interesting.

Cloud Benefits For Teachers:

  • Just because you are a teacher doesn't mean that's always what you are. Cloud storage can allow you to store the different aspects of yourself, personal and professional, in separate folders on the same cloud. It makes for a much simpler life and if necessary allows you to bring a little of your personal life into your professional.
  • Dazzle your pupils with multimedia designed lessons. Presentations and videos planned and sourced on your home PC can be accessed and played out via a tablet using the cloud. Stream videos or music to your class from your cloud via your tablet to inspire pupils to learn.
  • Storing class assignments into the cloud is also possible. By granting them all access, they can all access the necessary files from home or wherever they happen to be during the holidays.

Cloud storage can make work for both pupils and teachers easier. It is also the best way to ensure the safety of your files as online storage encrypts both on upload and during storage. Pupils are going to have to think harder for excuses as to why they haven't got their homework when cloud storage can protect you against natural disaster, hard drive failure, human error and theft.