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Cloud For Students

Students Usually the first to pick up on trends, cloud storage is a must for students looking to protect their work and make group tasks a much easier affair.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Cloud Storage is the future for students.

Number 1: Anytime, Anywhere Access By backing up all files into the cloud, students can gain access to them via any internet ready device, from anywhere in the world. This is great if you are learning in a different location to where you live or if you are trying to complete distance learning. It's also great

for students doing semesters abroad as it means they don't have to lug external hard drives or laptops with incompatible power sources around with them.

Cloud for students

Number 2: Safety First Your education is determined based on the submission of pieces of work. Can you imagine doing all that work and then losing it during a hard drive crash? Utter Devastation. This can be completely avoided if students backup their work to a cloud. Cloud storage protects your files from natural disaster, hard drive failure and human error as well as a whole host of other future ruining possibilities.

Number 3: Take the weight off your shoulders By storing your files in a cloud, you can rid yourself of the extra weight and hassle of carrying around your laptop and your external hard drive. You can even banish fiddly USB sticks from the bottom of your bag . You can access all the files you have stored in the cloud via a simple application, accessible on any internet ready device.

Number 4: Group Work The hassle of group work can be completely erased by using cloud storage as a means of sharing files. Nothing can be lost, everyone will have access to everything and multiple versions of files will be saved in case you change direction or someone makes an error.

Number 5: Help from the folks Parents are a vat of untapped knowledge, but instead of having to email them a host of work, invariably with bits missing, you can grant them access to your cloud via a URL link in one simple email. They will be able to see everything you can see and like most parents, save the day!