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Cloud For Travellers

Whether you are traversing the globe or traveling from meeting to meeting, cloud storage is the answer.

Cloud Storage Perks For Business Travelers: Cloud storage has revolutionized the way in which business men and women can utilise their working hours. No longer are hours traveling from A to B wasted because you can't access the files you need or need a plug for your laptop on a train.

  • Cloud storage is accessible anywhere, anytime via any internet ready device. This means you can access files you created in the office via your mobile phone, laptop or tablet PC. Backing the up isn't an issuer either as syncing your devices to the cloud means they all backup to the same place.
  • Cloud storage is a one stop shop for all your files if on the road. While backing up needs internet service, files created offline will still be backed up as part of the automated backup as soon as internet connection is resumed.
  • Businesses benefit from cloud storage by being able to create a much more dynamic workforce. Utilizing travel hours by being able to access office based documents on the go means that rather than wasting time transferring files from device to device or from USB stick to PC you can access them immediately through your user interface.

Cloud Storage Perks For Those Who Are Globetrotting: Cloud storage is the best way for those who are traveling for pleasure to keep their travel documentation safe and share their files with friends and family.

  • Backing up your photos to a cloud storage provider not only keeps your SD cards free from becoming storage devices themselves but also protects your files from being damaged or lost. Hard drives and laptop are cumbersome and take up unnecessary weight limits and space in your bag when traveling the globe. Cloud storage can be accessed through an application accessible via any internet ready device so you can backup to your cloud as and when you find internet.
  • Keeping copies of your travels documents safe in your cloud is a great way to ensure trouble free travels. Paper copies can easily be damaged or lost.
  • Traveling is all about the experience. But it is the sharing it with others which makes the memories last a lifetime. Uploading your photos to a cloud storage provider allows you to grant access to your friends and family back home so they can keep up to date with what you have been up to. In exchange family members who have cloud storage can grant you access to their clouds so you don't miss out on developments in their lives, whilst you are away.