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Online Backup Online Backup is without doubt the answer to keeping your files and documents safe in the 21st Century.

Cloud online backup

Online Backup: A virtual safety deposit box 60 or 70 years ago people would store their valuables in a locked safety deposit box within a vault at the bank. Online Backup works in a similar way today for all of our digital needs.

We store some of our most important documents on our computers today, precious photographs of family members and happy occasions, contracts and bank statements, music collections and home videos. All of which we would be devastated to lose, some for their sentimental value and others for their importance. By using an online backup service you can protect these files from being lost if something were to happen to your PC, Mac or Laptop.

Protect Your Files Online backup protects your files from loss or damage by storing them on an offsite server. This immediately keeps them safe from natural disaster, theft and human error. In addition constant encryption using 256bit SSL (Secured Socket Layer) and 24 hour a day monitoring protects them against viruses and hackers. Security and protection of your files is the mainstay of online backup which is why they go to such great lengths to ensure your files remain as secure as possible.

Price Online backup is a cost effective way of ensuring your files are granted the highest level of protection. Whilst external Hard Drives and USB stick may seem cheaper initially it is important to take into consideration their failings i.e. They can be stolen, dropped, lost or corrupted.

One Cloud Another advantage to online backup is that you can backup multiple devises to the same cloud, meaning all your files can be stored in the same place. Access works in the same way. By storing all your files in the cloud, you can access them all via any internet ready device. E.g. Laptop, tablet, mobile phone.

Restoration & Recovery Online backup makes restoration and recovery easier too. By backing up to a cloud when your hard drive crashes, you can easily restore any or all your lost files. Alternatively, thanks to file versioning a feature of online backup, you can restore previous versions of files. This is incredibly useful if in error you damage or change a file in a way you later are unhappy with.

Online backup also comes in handy if you purchase a new computer or laptop. Instead of transferring files folder by folder you can simply access and download your whole catalogue of files with a few easy clicks.