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Cloud For Personal Use

Personal Cloud What is a Personal Cloud Storage?

Personal Cloud storage is a means of backing up your files to an online storage server which protects them from damage and loss, whilst allowing you to share them with approved people and gaining anywhere, anytime access via any internet ready device.

Cloud storage for personal use

Access: Files which are backed up with JustCloud are accessible via a number of internet ready devices. Thanks to JustCloud's online control panel you can access your files 24/7, 365 days a year via your mobile phone, tablet PC or laptop.

Benefits: As well as uninterrupted access to your files, the benefits of anytime, anywhere access also include no longer having to use flash drives or other external, transportable storage devices.

File Sharing: Online file storage has simplified the process of sharing your files with friends and family. JustCloud allows you to invite contacts to access your cloud by email, Twitter or Facebook. Once invited a custom link is sent in order for them to gain access.

Benefits: File sharing means you no longer have to upload and email individual files to your contact. File sharing using JustCloud makes sharing and collaborating on files both easier and more simple.

Security: JustCloud value security higher than anything else, which is why files are uploaded and encrypted using 256bit SSL. During all elements of file transfer files are kept secure and our servers monitored around the clock.

Benefits: Encryption protects your files against unwanted access, viruses and hackers. Storing your files safely online also protect them from being stolen.

Sync Devices: One of the advantages to JustCloud is that you can sync multiple devices, allowing you to have constant access to the most recent versions of your files where ever you are. JustCloud does all this in the background so you don't even have to worry about it.

Benefits: You will have constant access to the most recent version of your files. This means that you can start creating documents at work but finish them at home.