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Arcade Culture
18 July
We love JustCloud. It is so liberating to be able to work anywhere and have access to my photos and source code. Rock on!
Charlie DeAngeli
23 May
I use this for all my data back up and feel secure. I have some unhappy friends that have lost everything on portable hard drives!
Steve Andrews
7 April
Best deal on on-line storage services I've found after considerable research. Also, personal support responses are extremely rapid.
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Nick Johnson -@NickJohnson_91
@JustCloudcom nice job on the iPhone app, I use it at least once a day :)
Tom Jackson - @tomjackson13
@JustCloudcom you guys should really check this out, such a sweet iPhone app!
Sam Floyd - @samuel_floyd
@JustCloudcom just wanted to say your service is awesome, and by far the cheapest!
Mana Kultras - @ManaKultras
Signed for @JustCloudcom. 250 GB storage under 30 bucks a year? I’m in. AND 1 GB extra, every month.