If presenting great offers on a regular basis was a crime, then JustCloud would be guilty!

Here at JustCloud we like to keep things fresh, up to date, and as fun as possible—for after all, why should something as serious as backup have to be boring…?

Since we truly appreciate all of our many customers and the kind feedback we continue to receive from them, we have no qualms when it comes to offering them more.

So what are we offering, then?

That would be MORE cloud storage space. And getting it couldn’t be more simple. All you need to do is log into your JustCloud account and click on the Bonus Space tab from the Navigation Bar. Next, you will see a list of six ways that you can earn more and more cloud storage:

- Complete Getting Started

- Connect a Mobile Device

- Share a File

- Link to us on Facebook

- Tell Twitter About Us

- Import Your Email Contacts

By completing these easy tasks you could earn over half a gigabyte of storage space.

Sound good? Why not give it a go today to earn your extra cloud storage?

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