The dramatic growth surge in the cloud storage industry over the past few years has been nothing short of incredible. No longer considered a temporary tech fad or a novelty interest, this is a service that hasn’t just provided worldwide personal and business users a means of securing and accessing their files, but has revolutionized the way we incorporate data into our daily lives.

Cloud storage has unshackled the ‘desktop chain’ from users’ ankles by letting them access files from mobiles devices. Files can be downloaded in seconds from a central hub where all their photos, videos, music and documents are stored, all protected behind bank-grade security encryption. The days of writing files to endless compact discs and losing flash pens are now officially over.

However, this highly lucrative industry doesn’t have to remain exclusive to the giants and pioneers. Absolutely not.

Let’s say you, Mr Everyday-Tech-User, wanted to get involved and sell your own service. There’s one big problem from the get go, though, isn’t there?—you haven’t developed your own cloud storage software…

So wouldn’t it be perfect if you could:

- be provided with an established piece of cloud storage software for your customers to use?

- re-brand the software with your own company name, logo and custom color design?

- add new users from anywhere in the world instantly?

- sell any plan to them and set your own prices?

- manage your users’ accounts and customize their packages?

- and oversee all statistics and control everything quickly from a simple control panel?

It sounds too good to be true, but this is in fact far from a reality.

In addition to Personal and Business Plans for our users, JustCloud now offer Reseller cloud storage Plans for everyone. They’re uncomplicated, quick to set up, and are a great way to launch yourself into the world of cloud storage and profit from the world’s fastest-growing file storage solution.

To learn more about this opportunity, visit our Reseller section where you can see a full list of features and try out a FREE demo. If you’re new to cloud storage, you can of course get to grips with the service by trying out a FREE Personal account.

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