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Cloud For Your Music

Music Backing up your music to a cloud storage provider is the safest way to access all your music from wherever, via whatever internet ready device you choose.

Cloud for your music

CD's wear out over time, hard drives fail and human error is almost always the cause of accidental deletion. Cloud storage can protect your music from being lost full stop. Cloud storage backs up your data to an offsite server, encrypts on upload and during storage and keeps your files safe from harm.

Cloud Storage not only keeps your music files safe from harm and disaster, but also allows you to have 24/7 access to them wherever you are. Do you ever get that hankering to listen to a particular song or album but don't have it with you? By storing your music in the cloud you can access exactly what you are looking for via your tablet or mobile phone on the bus, in a car or on holiday.

Clouds don't discriminate by which device you acquired your music on. Regardless of whether you downloaded a track straight to your phone or via your laptop, you can back them all up into the same cloud.

Music Fans How many songs do you think you have in your collection? How may do you think you'll acquire in a year?

As music collections grow and grow it is easy to see how hard drives are getting full. Cloud Storage can alleviate this though. By moving your storage from your hard drive to the cloud gives you an infinite amount of space to play with.

No more external hard drives, no more USB sticks containing albums worth of tracks, instead everything in one place. A music fans dream!

Music collected over a lifetime is far too precious to lose. Don't risk it, backup online.